Asheville Playback Theatre

Honoring personal stories.


Asheville Playback Theatre was founded in 1995 in North Carolina, USA, by Raphael Peter and Cat Gilliam.  APT's public performances are all part of the overall theme “Building a Community of Neighbors”. In playback theatre, personal stories from audience members are transformed by the company members into performance pieces, accompanied by improvised music. As always with playback, the teller’s story will be honored both as a personal event, and as a moment representing our shared experience. In a playback gathering, it is not unusual for audience members to exclaim “this is my story too!”.  Through sharing our experiences, the company hopes to create a meeting ground for the Asheville community, a place where differences can be shared and better understood.

For all shows, tickets will be available at the door for $10 (adults) or $5 (children), with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Announcing an experimental theater show in collaboration with

Death Cafe


Altamont Theater

Downtown Asheville

Sunday April 19, 4 pm